Why do teachers need to upgrade?

A recent study shows that 1 out of 4 teachers in India are trained to teach online, which means that we have a huge challenge ahead and we must look for solutions. In current times when the world is getting exposed to multiple arrays of learning opportunities and with internet, learning has become easier.... In these times teachers have to get evolved to the current speed and need of the generation. At Indic Education we aim to provide solutions to help bridge gap in the teaching quality and help teaching become a celebrated career again.

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Teaching Value Index Indic Education’s solution to the challenges

Teaching Value Index (TVI) is an online assessment program that measures the core competencies of an educator. The Index allows teachers to understand the gap in critical performance parameters on international standards. Teaching Value Index, unlike other existing solutions does not focus on their subject matter expertise but on the Art of Teaching. It is essential for teachers to equip themselves with changes and development. TVI is designed to help teachers to prepare for the future.

Five core benefits of taking TVI


It will help teachers get adept with 21st century skills and methodologies of teaching with ease


Bring in international standard of teaching with highest quality of art of teaching


Equip you with holistic skills to become a better teacher and educator


TVI will help you understand your strengths other than your subject matter expertise


The assessment will you equip you with right skills for your career progression and advancement

What makes TVI unique?


The theory and practice of teaching. It involves a range of techniques. Here we measure pedagogical knowledge and effectiveness of the techniques used.

Design and Plan

It’s a curriculum plan made by the teacher, based on desired learning outcomes for the student. Here we measure the knowledge, blending of methodologies, practical day to day utilisation, thematic usage of 21st century skills.

Classroom Leadership

Defines routines and expectations in classroom behaviour for effective learning of the students. We measure awareness of techniques, practical usage, inclusivity, teacher behaviour and communication.

Assess and Remediate

Evaluating student learnings vis a vis their expected learning outcomes and then apply relevant remediation techniques to improve learning outcomes. Here we measure the relevance of Why, What and How of assessments.

Know Your Student

It is the study of conscious and subconscious childhood development. We measure, in a school environment, the teacher’s understanding and response to various behaviours and with special attention to children with learning deficits.

Safety and Protocol

The area concerned with removing or reducing children’s exposure to harmful situations. We measure, in a school environment, the knowledge, awareness, sensitivity and the effectiveness of day-to-day safety protocols.

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