About Tchrx Learn

Indic Education strives to bring inclusive outcomes that can give teachers the edge to align themselves with skill evolution. TCHRx is an innovative platform by Indic Education, designed to meet the changing needs of the educators community. TCHRx identifies challenges and provides end-to-end solutions.

Currently we offer 3 program features:

Micro Learning Program

Competency-Based Education Toolkit

The world has changed and so must the way we teach our children. Rote learning, direct instruction and other traditional teaching methods are things of the past. The "Competency-Based Education - Toolkit" program by Indic Education focuses on practical teaching methods in modern education and much more.

In this program we cover the topics - Inquiry Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, Differentiated Learning, Flipped Classroom and Use of Technology (ICT tools) in a classroom setting.

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What willEducators Gain

Importance and the impact of competency-based teaching methods on children

Insights of different competency-based teaching methods

Implementation of competency-based teaching in classroom

Real life examples which educators can use in their lesson plans

Effective usage of technology

This course has helped me up-skill and implement better teaching practices in my classroom.


Zaisha Khan

Senior Secondary Teacher

At the end of the program You Will Learn

In this module we focus on how you can set up a student centric pedagogy and a dynamic classroom environment, where students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems
This module of this micro learning program focuses on how teachers can facilitate education in the classroom by posing questions, problems, or scenarios, similar to methods followed by the scientist community
In this module you will learn the importance of differentiated learning and how you as a teacher can tailor your lesson instruction as per the different learning needs of your students.
In this module you will learn to invert the traditional learning system through class discussions and interactive projects that will help make your classrooms an active learning environment, enabling students to learn at their own pace.
In this module you will become a facilitator of learning in your classrooms through the effective usage of technology which will enhance student experience.

Next Steps...

Program Format: Video

Total Duration: < 50 minutes

Total Modules: 5

There are a total of 5 videos of under 10 minutes each. It can be taken at your own pace, at your school, homes or even a coffee shop! All you need to do is invest 10 minutes a day that will help you work towards building a positive future.

Get Certified

At the end of each module there is a short assessment that will evaluate your understanding of the program. A certificate of completion will be conferred to you on successful completion of the assessment. The certificate recognises and acknowledges your first step towards becoming a skilled teacher in competency based education, furthering your professional and career growth.