Elevate Your Teachers’ Potential with our
Faculty Development Program!


Indic Education’s - Faculty Development Program (FDP) under the brand named TCHRx Engage, is a transformative initiative tailored to elevate the skills and knowledge of faculty members in educational institutions. This comprehensive program is designed to enhance teaching methodologies, foster research capabilities, and support professional development.

By engaging in a range of activities and workshops, faculty members gain valuable insights and tools to refine their teaching approaches, staying abreast of the latest educational practices. The FDP ultimately empowers educators to deliver enriched learning experiences, leading to improved student outcomes and a vibrant academic environment.

Professional Development Program

Empowering Students with Skills for Success in the
21st-Century Workforce

In recognition of the rapidly evolving world and the skills required to excel in the workforce, we at Indic offer a comprehensive training program that specifically focuses on cultivating problem-solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and adaptability skills.


Designed specifically for university students, our training program offers a tailored approach that encompasses interactive and engaging sessions. By participating in our program, students will not only be prepared to meet the demands of an ever-changing job market but also to succeed in their future careers, making a positive impact in the 21st-century workforce.

Employers increasingly seek individuals who can think critically, adapt to new situations, convey ideas clearly, and collaborate in different teams. These skills are provided to students through our program, improving students’ employability and setting them up for success in a variety of professional domains.


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