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Teachers are quite a pillar for society to stand on its own two legs. The right teacher for the right student makes all the difference in the world. This is where value education comes in. What is value education and what is its importance, are you curious to know? It is a way to bring value to the everyday teachings at school to make more of an impact on the individual’s mind to further impact society. The concept revolves around the educational process that instils moralistic principles to create social structures, which will be beneficial for all.

The need for value education is quite unbeknownst in society these days. Embedding the essence of responsibility in students is assisted by value education. For everyone, but especially for our youth, this is incredibly vital. We must provide our young with the right direction and value education if we hope to keep them away from the negative aspects of the world.

By placing a strong emphasis on major concerns like the defense of human rights, environment protection and the preservation of nature, the value education strengthens resilience and understanding well beyond our political, social, and ideological differences. The goal is to encourage children to contribute to society in the future by practising excellent citizenship and values.

Types of Value Education

There are mainly 2 types of value education that can be further divided into broader spectrums and watered-down topics. These are explicit and implicit value education systems.

When it comes to value-related questions, explicit value education is connected to the many schoolings, programs, or techniques that educators or teachers employ to produce learning experiences for students.

On the other extreme, implicit value education refers to those elements of the educational process that lead to value-influenced learning, which is connected to the idea of a hidden curriculum.

The Aim of Value Education

Values are fundamental principles that support one’s physical, social, and emotional well-being. Education has a significant role in the dissemination of inspiring ideals, thus instructors, educational institutions and society at large should be prepared. Depending on the locations, these values might be personal, societal, or national.

The principal objective of value education is to be able to build a better society at large. In today’s world with all of its technology and newer modes of education including online learning and coursework, it becomes harder for teachers to instill in their students a sense of the world around them. Upskilling of teachers on new age technology has become more than just a suggestion and has turned into quite the dynamic reality for education in these uncertain times.

How You Can Incorporate Value Education Into your Teaching

Now that you recognize exactly how important it is to pass down the right values to the youth of the nation while their minds are still impressionable, the inevitable question of how to go about this process arises. Luckily for you, Indic education is working toward this very goal. It aims to help teachers assess their current teaching skills and gives them the proper suggestions on how to improve upon their teaching skills and on themselves as human beings. A student can only be as good as their teacher and hence, teachers hold the future of the country in their hands.

1) What are types of value education?

-Value education can be broadly classified into two types: broad spectrums and narrowly focused topics. These value education systems are both explicit and implicit.

2) How do you teach value education?

Here are a few tips to instil value education:

Because a team is only as good as its leader, lead by example.

Adapt to adversity. Create scenarios that compel students to step outside of their comfort zones (within reason) and expose them to circumstances that reaffirm educational values.

Utilize outside resources, such as Indic education, to gauge your progress.

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