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What are teaching skills?

Teaching skills allude to various practices or ways embraced by the instructors to enable an erudite learning. By incorporating these skills in the teaching process, it will not only help in disentanglement of the perplexing ideas to suit the perception levels of the children but also, it will allow students to participate in a healthy and effective manner. The core teaching skills guide the instructor through day-to-day events of the classroom effortlessly, while keeping up with the best learning environment for children.
Here is a list of a few core teaching skills that will help you to understand what we mean by teaching skills.

Set Induction

Induction sets the tone of the lesson and is a process to introduce a new topic to the students. As this is the very first step while learning something new, it can make or break the deal of captivating students’ focus. By being innovative, the teacher must bridge the gap between the knowledge a student already has and the cognizance he is going to get.

Creativity and Communication

On one hand, creativity allows fresh insights to the topic while on the other hand communication becomes the central tenet of teaching. Any communication entails the presence of an emitter and receiver; the former and latter forms the preliminary connection and one is incomplete without the other. These skills can be the most important aspect of teaching skills since they are the corner-stone of teaching foundation.

Conflict Resolving Skill

As teaching is a dynamic field and there are multi-layered interactions with people of different age groups, this skill is a must-have. A need may erupt to dissolve an issue between students, other teachers or even among the parents. Also known as problem-solving skill, the aim is to reach a consensus by providing unique solutions.


While a teacher possesses expertise in the subject matter, children are a beginner at it. Also, educators need to realize that classrooms will have students from different social foundations, learning styles and scholarly capacities. Committed children will probably offer more to class conversation and be seriously agreeable, yet some students will pose difficulties and interruptions. Teachers should maintain their calm in such circumstances while keeping a harmony between their own expectations and the students’ unique characters.

The Skill of Blackboard Writing

A blackboard acts as the visual aid that is most widely used in the education domain to give a holistic and vivid approach to a lesson. There are various components attached to this skill which are:

  • Position of the teacher
  • Contact of the pupil
  • Utilization of the space
  • Size and alignment
  • Highlighting the main points
Skill of Question Probing

Helping in increased student-teacher interaction and creating an engaging environment, this skill is an essential tool of microteaching. The aim of solving queries lies at the base while the teacher can also test whether the students understood the chapter or not. Like the above-mentioned skill, it also has various components:

  • Prompting
  • Redirecting
  • Critical Awareness
  • Refocusing
  • Seeking further information
Being equipped with technology

For effecting an equilibrium in the fastest growing human life ever in human history and in technical developments, it is advisable for the teachers to be somewhat familiar with technology.

Skill of Achieving Closure

The last skill of micro teaching is known as the skill of achieving closure. The objective of this ability is to finish up the section or point that has previously been talked about. Following are the components of:

  • Consolidation of learning by questioning, statement, etc
  • Cognitive Link with
    (a) What has already been learned
    (b) What follows it
  • Application of acquired knowledge/skill
  • Creating a sense of achievement

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