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As a teacher, you are always looking for ways to improve your teaching skills. You want to be able to give your students the best possible education, and that requires access to the latest tools and resources. Below are 9 free online tools that can help you take your teaching skills to the next level.

These tools cover a range of topics, from teacher training and assessment to education and support. They are all easy to use and can be accessed from any internet-connected device. So why not try them out today?


Quizalize is a quiz-making tool that allows teachers to create custom quizzes for their students. With Quizalize, you can create quizzes on a range of topics, from math to English to history. The quizzes can be used for homework, in-class activities, or revision.

Quizalize also offers teacher training and assessment tools, so you can track your students’ progress and see how they are performing. There is also a Teacher’s Lounge where you can chat with other teachers and share ideas.


Kahoot is a free online tool that can help teachers up their game. With Kahoot, teachers can create quizzes and surveys for their students. The quizzes can be used to assess student understanding, and the surveys can be used to get feedback on teaching methods.

Kahoot also allows teachers to collaborate with other teachers. They can join study groups, share resources, and discuss teaching strategies. Finally, Kahoot provides a platform for professional development. Teachers can take professional development courses, and they can earn badges and certificates for their achievements.


Quizizz is a fun, interactive quiz tool that teachers can use to assess their students’ understanding of the material. With Quizizz, teachers can create quizzes for their students in minutes. The quizzes can be based on any topic or chapter in the curriculum. Students can play Quizizz individually or in groups. They can also compete against each other to see who can get the highest score.

Google Classroom

As a teacher, you know that keeping up with the latest technology is essential to your success. That’s why you’ll be happy to know about Google Classroom, a free online tool that helps teachers manage their classes.

With Google Classroom, you can create and assign homework, send feedback to students, and more. Plus, it’s easy to use and integrates with other Google tools like Gmail and Google Drive. So if you’re looking for a way to streamline your class management process, Google Classroom is the tool for you.


EdPuzzle is a great way to add some excitement to your lessons. With EdPuzzle, you can add videos to your lessons and have your students answer questions about the video. EdPuzzle is a great way to assess your students’ understanding of the material. You can also use it to promote critical thinking skills and engagement.


Socrative is a free online tool that teachers can use to assess their students’ learning. It is a handy way to track student progress and see where they are struggling. Socrative can also be used to engage students in the learning process. Teachers can ask students questions and get real-time feedback. This is a great way to check for understanding and to help students learn new concepts.


Nearpod is one of the most popular online tools for teachers. It allows teachers to create and share presentations with their students, and provides students with an interactive experience that helps them learn and retain the information better. Nearpod is free for teachers, and there are many resources available online to help you get started. It’s a great tool to add to your teaching arsenal, and I highly recommend it.

Teachers Tube

Teachers may share educational videos and materials for free via TeacherTube. You can post your video lessons and include lesson plans, assessments, and learning activities in them. You can connect with educators who share your interests by perusing the content created by other teachers.

Boom Cards

Boom Cards are interactive self-assessment tasks that provide students with immediate feedback on their answers.

Here is how they function:

You either build the Boom Cards in advance or use decks that other teachers have already created. You can utilize the fast play feature for nothing and receive a link to share with classmates. Your students see one question at a time and receive immediate feedback on their response. They can make changes or just throw away the card. With Boom Cards, you may differentiate lessons as well as assign particular cards to particular pupils.

Only the fast play option is available in the free version, and progress cannot be tracked. However, you can upgrade at any time for a variety of price packages. Boom Cards are a fantastic concept for an innovative method of testing pupils where they won’t even be aware they are learning!


Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned pro, it’s always a good idea to keep learning and expanding your skills. These nine free online tools are a great way to do just that. Each of these tools has something unique to offer, so there’s something for everyone. They’re all easy to use, and you can start seeing results in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Start using these tools today and see how they can help you become a better teacher.

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