Working together to enhance value in the education ecosystem

Indic Education is transforming the education industry by unifying educators with global resources for a positive future.

Nurturing a lifelong learning perspective through innovation and introduction of new tools, resources that support the teacher in you.


At Indic Education, we are passionate about building solutions that help you take on challenges in your role as a teacher. We are deeply perceptive about adopting new measures and methodology that will advance your proficiencies. Our culture is outlined to advance teaching and learning functions strategically and is build around
these 3 pillars -


We believe that together we are able to face the new world by sharing our insights and uplifting each other.

Open Minded

We encourage an inclusive, unbiased and approachable attitude that nourishes and allows positive change.


We know that in identifying our purpose and place we become more receptive to change and accountable for the future that we want to build.

1000+ Happy
Exceeding Expectations,
Creating World-Class Experiences

Teachers are the leaders, education has been waiting for. We at Indic Education activate teachers’ abilities to solve the biggest challenges in the education field. The solutions we offer are a simple and effective way to better support teachers in advancing their proficiency and skills. By giving tools and resources aligned with the latest teaching standards, we assist teachers and schools in providing students with more personalized and impactful classroom experiences.

Leadership Team

At Indic, we are working towards a successful future with efficient tools that are proven to drive innovative growth in the education industry. We aim to develop futuristic strategies for educational institutes.

Our leadership team brings in-depth knowledge of the education ecosystem having being part of it for more than 2 decades. We strongly believe in research-based methodologies. The team has expertise in bootstrapping, building, and scaling up ed-tech enterprises. We also foster a synergistic and collaborative value through our learning platforms and facilitate partner growth through goal-oriented tactics.