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Indic Education emphasizes on creating a substantive system for educators to facilitate their teaching excellence. By amalgamating both ancient and modern teaching methods, Indic Education gets the best out of a teacher by increasing teaching potential and techniques. In this era, teaching methods constantly need new knowledge and skills for progressive solutions in order to make learning and studying accessible to all students.

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I found this a good tool for self-assessment of a teacher to know the approach to teaching. It will help one assess and identify the area of improvement in the teaching and learning process.
Mohanapriya Amarnath Rao
Delhi Public School, Bangalore
The assessment seemed excellent in terms of the kind of questions it asked - got me to think. Taken so many assessments in the past but this one was unique in a way that it focuses on the teachers.
Rupa V
RVPS Bangalore
The assessment was very good and gave us an opportunity to look into our profession and make necessary changes.
Anu Rikhraj
Delhi Public School, Bangalore
The assessment was helpful to understand our primary responsibilities as a teacher and the counsellor.
Writuparna Ray
ST. Francis High School
It gave us the opportunity to look at our teaching skills from a productive angle.
Sucheta Thaokar
ST. Francis High School
The assessment was good and useful for our professional enrichment.
Mounita Chakraborty
ST. Francis High School
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