To learn and to teach is a continuous circle of excellence.

Indic Education intends to build a transformative ecosystem that nurtures teachers and facilitates a dynamic platform that promotes teaching excellence. Borrowing from the Vedic tradition, Indic Education wants to revitalise the education system by helping teachers across India develop themselves with efficient tools and resources. We believe that we are in a constant need for new knowledge and skills to formulate progressive solutions.


Transforming through upskilling.

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Nurturing a lifelong learning perspective.

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The education industry, now more than ever is undergoing a progressive transition.

Indic Education has designed TCHRx as an innovative tool to match the needs of the teaching community. A singular platform organised to address all your challenges while providing end to end solutions. Indic recognises the need for realigning the teaching system with the inclusion of functional programs that include three features.


Using the Teacher Value Index to evaluate you on your unique way of teaching and the relevance of your skills in line with the digitisation of the education industry.


Learn focuses on areas of improvement with immersive video based content by world class faculty and experts.


Certifications that will enhance your portfolio, skills; enabling you to achieve sustainable growth in your career.

Advisory Board

The Indic Education Board of Advisors have the experience, commitment and
earnestness to forward your goals as a Teacher.

David Summerscale

David Summerscale leverages his international experience as an educator and innovator when he advises us at Indic. Educated in the UK, he has contributed to the progressive augmentation of various schools around the world.

Sonia Ghandy Mehta

An educator with an industry experience of 30 years, she brings her with a rich body of unparalleled experience. A front runner of innovative practices and value based change, She is the School Director of Pathways School, Aravalli.

Jacob Thomas

Jacob Thomas brings with him a range of diverse experience in fields of data technology, data management and corporate leadership. He studied Business Administration in the US and now presides over Good Shepherd International School, Ooty

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